Real Estate

The involvement of Vicajo Co. Ltd. in the real estate sector in Malta goes back to the 1980's when the first company warehouse was bought in the village of Lija. Nowadays this property has been transformed into a prestigious development where the company's head office is now housed.

Throughout the years, a number of residential and commercial projects have been completed. Our mission is to develop high quality real estate, contemporarily-designed in sought-after locations. We also envision increasing the standards of lifestyle to our end-customers.

We are continually looking for land and sites suitable for the creation of quality developments. We also specialise in the acquisition of existing buildings for demolition and later development. Part-exchange schemes with new properties are also arrangements we consider.

We welcome enquiries from individuals or businesses concerning sites or existing buildings for which development potential would like to be assessed. We have the resources and expertise to study potential real estate projects and provide confidential appraisals.