Project Management

Project Management is the function that brings together all the activities that form part of a project. This encompasses strategy, planning, allocating resources, budgeting, leadership, execution and exercising control over the entire project. The project methodology can be applied to all industries and individual businesses, irrelevant of the scale of projects involved.

Vicajo Co. Ltd. has extensive experience in managing various types of projects in Malta and Libya, mainly in the field of Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Engineering, Design and Construction. The company's project team is made up of qualified professionals backed up with experience on the technical, managerial and financial aspects of the business.

We utilize industry-standard project management tools and set regular milestones to gauge the progress of projects and readiness to proceed to forthcoming project phases. This project framework made up of structured processes and systems allows us to manage complex projects from design, planning and procurement to execution and completion.

Our project team focusses on the overall project deliverables by managing and prioritizing tasks and resources in a manner to ensure that projects are completed to the required standards, safely, on-time and within budget.