Company History and Profile

Vicajo Co. Ltd. was established in Malta in May 1978 operating a colour photo-finishing laboratory. The business increased continuously throughout the years and new technology machinery had always been introduced. The company was also involved in the importation and distribution of photographic materials to other laboratories across the islands and also offering technical backup and support for the machinery.

Apart from the photographic business, the company also entered the property sector in the eighties, and throughout the years the company has been involved in turnkey contracting, development and property management. We handle design, construction and finishing of high quality residential and commercial developments.

Towards the end of the nineties, the photo-finishing business experienced a slow-down due to the introduction of the one-hour mini labs on a worldwide level. Observing closely such a situation, the company decided to diversify its operations and adapt a new policy by entering the international business scene. It aimed at targeting export markets by offering photographic products along with technical backup through the experience it gained from the laboratory. It was decided to try penetrating a particular market - the Libyan market. This was commenced through the first business trip to Tripoli (Libya) in March 2000, which had yielded a first export order, resulting in a very positive start that triggered the confidence to continue expanding in this potential market.

In the first few months of doing business with Libya, we offered the same brands and products that were being dealt with in Malta. However, after travelling several times to Libya and a more hands-on approach of the market had been discovered, the company noticed that there is a high business potential, provided that the company’s resources are specifically co-ordinated to meet the requirements of such a particular market. For this reason, by mid-2000, the company sold its photo-finishing laboratory in Malta and decided to target specifically the Libyan market.

Since then, the company’s business nature has changed to an international trading company offering a wide range of products. Having analysed and understood the cultural, political and business environments of this market, the company nowadays practices the marketing orientation to business. An important aspect of such a concept is the continuous monitoring and contact with customers through the personal regular visits to Libya. This enables the company to notice key trends in the specific needs and requirements of its target markets.

The growth of the company’s trading activities in importing and exporting led the company to establish a Bonded Warehouse registered with the Malta Department of Customs, as a private customs-free zone. This is enabling the company to import goods originating from various sources and holding them in this warehouse, being exempted from any duties and levies until the necessary time of export. This outlines certain advantages such as greater consolidation possibilities, confidentiality, security, operating flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The company is a member of the Maltese-Arab Chamber of Commerce and also the Libyan-Maltese Chamber of Commerce. The company is also a member of BNI, the largest international business networking organization in the world. This business network gives members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and quality business referrals.